Faith-Based Degrees

It’s more than just a slogan. “Find Your Calling” has long been the motto of Campbellsville University Louisville, whose Louisville Education Center serves as a beacon to adult learners seeking to realize their higher education goals. Those three simple words constitute an ethos at CU Louisville and its regional campuses, particularly for those students whose own aspirations dovetail with the Christian ideals the school has adopted since its founding in 1906.

Among the nearly 40 tracks of study available to students at the Louisville Education Center, which range from certificate programs to postgraduate work, are several faith-based options, harkening back to Campbellsville’s original purpose. Many students have used Campbellsville University Louisville to launch careers in education, business, healthcare, social work, or other fields, all of it imbued with Campbellsville’s central mission of service. But for those interested in paths like theology and ministry, the calling they can find is higher indeed.

“We are a Christian university, so every program we have is designed to model servant leadership, whether it’s a business program or a theology program,” says Candace Bensel, Director of Admissions at Campbellsville University Louisville. “That foundation is a thread through all our programs, but our faith-based programs are a little bit different. These programs appeal to numerous demographics, whether the student ultimately wants to pursue a career in the church, or they are looking for a well-rounded liberal arts degree and have a passion for broadening their Biblical knowledge and reach in the process. Ultimately, these students are making an impact for Christ and earning a credential to help them excel in the workforce simultaneously.”

Counseling, Pastoring, and More

Campbellsville University Louisville offers four faith-based areas of study that allow students to serve their communities. Marriage and Family Ministry is available as both a bachelors and a minor; this program helps students achieve an awareness of marriage and family issues to address spiritual, mental, and emotional needs. A degree in marriage and family ministry can also be a step toward a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy.

The Bachelors and minor in Pastoral Ministries include preaching, counseling, church management, and other spiritual disciplines; it also prepares students for positions such as a local pastor, church planter, missionary, or chaplain. The Masters of Theology prepares students for vocations in churches or nonprofit organizations, or continued study in biblical, theological, or Christian ministry disciplines.

How do these courses translate into real-world opportunities? Bensel explains that students of marriage and family ministry might work for a nonprofit that uses a Christian perspective to help families through challenging times; students may also use the foundation of biblical principles to work in church administration. A student in pastoral ministries may start as a youth pastor. The biblical knowledge that underpins the Masters in Theology might prepare a graduate to work as a chaplain or in another pastoral role.

“Especially when it comes to the Bachelor level programs, the students that these appeal to most are those who are normally active in their churches,” Bensel says. “But there are also students that find themselves at CU Louisville and end up moving into one of these areas because they have found a passion or have found their calling in Christian studies.”

A Faith-Based Foundation

The faith-based courses at Campbellsville University Louisville are so popular that students from other degree tracks often take them for their interest in the subject matter. “We have amazing faculty who are very passionate about their work, and they are great storytellers,” Bensel adds. “Sometimes students have such good experiences that they take class after class to the point where they’re almost ready for a degree. We work with them on the front end to determine whether they’re seeking a degree or just want to take classes here and there. Either path is an option for them at CU Louisville. We’re pretty flexible in a lot of aspects.”

Christian Studies

Indeed, flexibility is a hallmark of Campbellsville University Louisville and a big reason why the school is set up to deliver student success. Adult learners with adult responsibilities—like kids and jobs—have the option of flexible schedules, in-person or online courses, and an abundance of academic support. And those students who choose a faith-based area of study receive a Christ-centered model of higher education at a university with a solid track record of producing faith-based graduates that are ready for the workforce.

“We have people who are pastoring in this community and leading churches. They’re still actively involved with Campbellsville University Louisville because they had such a wonderful experience,” Bensel says. “Whether their goal is to be a pastor or a family therapist, having that biblical perspective is relevant to a lot of the folks that they serve. Having a firm Christ-based foundation is helpful for them as they move forward in their careers.”

Are you interested in learning more about the faith-based courses available at Campbellsville University Louisville? For more information on how they can help you find your calling, contact them online at, call them at (502) 753-0264, or visit the campus at 2300 Greene Way in Louisville.