Kentucky Flyer (Kentucky Kingdom roller coaster)

Courtesy: Kentucky Kingdom / YouTube

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Kentucky Kingdom has unveiled its newest roller coaster, The Kentucky Flyer.

The wooden roller coaster features a 52-foot drop and hairpin turns.

Guests only have to be 40 inches tall, which allows younger children to experience the ride. 

"This is no kiddie coaster," said Jessi O'Daniel, director of guest relations at Kentucky Kingdom. "This packs twelve airtime thrills, and you wont' be disappointed." 

The Gravity Group, based in Cincinnati, designed the roller coaster. The company website says its designers have about 24 wooden coasters attractions in operation all over North America, Europe and Asia.

"Without telling you all the secrets, it's about finding the perfect blend of dynamics," Partner Mike Graham said as he rode along Wednesday morning with WDRB's Gilbert Corsey.

Kentucky Flyer does not go upside down or leave you feeling like you've turned inside out, but it still packs a punch and elevates riders on big drops. Graham credits the design of the restraints, which can still secure a smaller or younger rider while providing a lift in the steep thrills for adult passengers. 

"It's exciting," Graham said. "You feel like you're flying."

The ride nestles in the back of the water park, closing in the family wave pool. Its bright white design trimmed in red is meant to provide that "Coney Island feel," O'Daniel said. 

It's the latest chapter in the rebirth of the amusement park. Kentucky Kingdom reopened in 2014 after sitting closed for five years and has added new attractions every season. Kentucky Flyer is the park's sixth roller coaster. 

Managers say Kentucky Kingdom has average about 800,000 guests per season since it reopened, but last year's numbers dropped slightly due several days of rain and thunderstorms mid summer. 

The new ride debuts when the park opens for weekends on April 28th marking Kentucky Kingdom's 30th anniversary.Season tickets start at $64.95.

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