LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – A Louisville Metro Police officer has been suspended for five days after an internal investigation determined he used “inappropriate corporal punishment” on his six and nine-year-old kids for overcooking macaroni.

Officer Christopher Dudley’s actions caused him to be charged with assault 4th charges and later plead guilty to two counts of disorderly conduct in 2018.

The convictions were set aside later that year after Dudley agreed to follow several conditions, including apologizing to his children and undergoing parental counseling.

Dudley also agreed not to use corporal punishment on his children again, according to court records.

In addition, in a July 25, 2019, letter from Chief Steve Conrad to Dudley, obtained by WDRB News, Conrad wrote that Dudley’s ex-wife took out an emergency protective order against him in Oldham County in March 2017.

Oldham County Judge Doreen Goodwin told Dudley she was inclined to issue a domestic violence order against him but noted that would cause the officer to lose his job with LMPD, according to court records. Instead, she recommended Dudley accept a restraining order, keeping him away from his children.

The mother agreed to have the children see a mental health therapist.

The alleged assault took place on Feb. 26, 2017 when police say Dudley became angry when his children overcooked macaroni and cheese in the microwave, causing the house to fill with smoke. In response, Dudley allegedly hit the six-year-old seven times with a belt and the nine-year-old 10 times. 

The 9-year-old is an autistic child, according to court records.

Dudley told the mother's children that they had received a beating -- and the conversation was recorded, according to police. The children both suffered significant bruising to their hips and thighs, according to court records.

Dudley has been employed with LMPD since 2011.

The letter from Conrad noted that "any future violations of this nature will warrant severe discipline."

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