Bullitt County woman trains for national competition after injury

BULLITT COUNTY, Ky. (WDRB) -- CrossFit, powerlifting and body competitions are the latest rage. However, is it beneficial for athletes in the long run?

Following an injury last year, one Bullitt County woman is looking to prove herself in the fitness world with her doctor's support.

The gym is like a second home for Lynsey Buege. She spends nearly every day at her sanctuary, known as the Bullitt County YMCA. "Everyday I try to be grateful that I am here," Buege said.

Up until just recently, she was told by her doctor that she had to stay away. "To be told that I was going from working out pretty intensely, six days a week to not being able to work out at all whatsoever, it was very devastating," Buege said.

For the first time, Buege decided she would compete last year on a regional level, placing in the top two.

She was in the middle of training for nationals. "Over the course of a couple of weeks, I noticed a pain that was mostly in my leg, and it started around my lower spine, and went all the way down to my ankle. Just shooting, dull pain, all day long," she said.

Buege had sleepless nights and trouble sitting. "As the pain was getting worse and worse, I knew I had to see someone about it," she said.

An MRI showed Buege had a herniated disc on her lower spine. "Probably the most stressed disc in our body, and the most common area to get a disc herniation," said Dr. Kirk Owens, an orthopedic spine surgeon for Norton Leatherman Spine.

Dr. Owens did a lumbar discectomy, which he considers a small, common surgery. "Most people think that spine surgery will oftentimes limit their ability to get back to normal activities afterward, and she's proof that with certain problems, that you can get back to high level activity with successful surgery," Dr. Owens said.

Buege is among thousands who want to see how their abilities in the gym stack up.

"If someone's motivated to go to CrossFit, or whatever type of exercise, I'd rather them be doing that smartly than just sitting around," Dr. Owens said.

She didn't train for six months. "Just the feeling of being back and being able to pick up any type of weight was such a relief, and I felt blessed to be able to do that," Buege said.

Now, she's back. "I knew just with time and with consistency and with dedication, that I would eventually get back there," Buege said.

She's training for the Kentucky Muscle Competition this spring for the bikini and physique category. She has her eye on nationals to finish what she started. 

Win or lose, she's not taking anything for granted. "Realizing that it's a blessing that you get to work out, and don't look at working out as something you have to do," Buege said.

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