CLARKSVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) — If you've ever gone shopping in southern Indiana, chances are you've been around Lewis and Clark Parkway. The area is a retail district, but, with technology changing the way consumers shop in recent years, many storefronts along the corridor are empty, and some businesses that left the area were never replaced. 

The town is considering a major face lift, however, and residents will get a say in the changes.

"People that come to this region today do their shopping and they leave," said Dylan Fisher, Clarksville Redevelopment Director. "We're talking about creating a location where people come to visit to just stay, and they choose to visit for other needs than just their shopping needs."

The town is seeking public input on a new plan for the future, called Catapult Central Clarksville — or the 3C Master Plan. It will affect 600 acres of the Lewis and Clark and Broadway districts, which includes Green Tree Mall and River Falls Mall. Both districts could be completely reimagined. Early ideas for the transformation include adding new residential areas, commercial office space, mixed-use buildings and even some manufacturing businesses -- something that would breathe new life into the areas. 

"This is really working with the public to talk about what it could be, what it can be and what they want it to be," Fisher said. "The public input process is really going to drive this through and through to determine what this portion of our town looks like."

Clarksville will host several public feedback sessions around the beginning of 2020, and a final plan could be ready some time next year. For more information and updates on the plan, click here.

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