Iroquois High School

Iroquois High School

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – An Iroquois High School student suffered a broken jaw Thursday after he was allegedly assaulted by four other students in a bathroom, police said.

Jefferson County Sheriff's Office said a student found the victim at noon, lying on the floor, conscious, but bleeding from the mouth. JCSO spokesman Carl Yates told WDRB News that the student told a teacher, who informed the two school resource officers provided by the sheriff’s office.

Yates said the victim was taken to Norton Children’s Hospital. The student's mother told police that while en route to the hospital, he told her he was assaulted by four other students, according to Yates.

“He has a fracture in his jaw, and I don’t know what other injuries he might have,” Yates said.

Officers found surveillance footage that shows four Iroquois students entering the bathroom after the victim and exiting later, he said.

The investigation is ongoing, and authorities have filed no charges. Yates said officers hope to speak to the victim, his family and the four suspected assailants Friday. It’s unclear what prompted the assault.

Jefferson County Public Schools spokesman Daniel Kemp said police and school administrators “are investigating to determine possible charges as well as disciplinary action.”

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