COVID-19 vaccine trial (generic)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Jewish Hospital has treated its first patient as part of a national study that hopes to prevent the progression of pulmonary complications due to COVID-19.

According to officials with INmune Bio, a biotechnology company that focuses on treatments that target the immune system to fight disease, the overreaction of the immune system in response to the coronavirus is the main cause of death in patients. 

“Clinical evidence over the last several months has shown that while infection with COVID-19 virus makes people sick, it’s the uncontrollable immune response and subsequent cytokine storm that is responsible for their admission to a hospital,” said RJ Tesi, the chief executive officer of INmune Bio."

The company is creating a treatment for patients with severe COVID-19 symptoms called Quellor that would be injected to them at the hospital. The first patient to take a dose as part of the national study took place at University of Louisville Hospital Jewish Hospital. 

Organizers hope that Quellor will prevent the need for more "invasive interventions" during COVID-19 treatments including ventilators. 

The second phase of the study will include up to 366 COVID-19 patients in several COVID-19 hotspots, which includes Jefferson County.

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