LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The disposing of abandoned vehicles in Louisville has been a major problem for many years, but with only two LMPD tow truck drivers tackling all of the abandoned vehicles across the entire city, it's been even worse.

Some vehicles at the LMPD Impound Lot on Frankfort Avenue are pressed against the gate and have been collecting rust, green moss and algae.

Hundreds of the vehicles occupying the full lot are abandoned while the city's streets are becoming the new home to ones abandoned in recent months.

In October 2020, more than 5,000 were scattered throughout the city, according to Louisville Metro Council President David James.

"We have five vacancies and so it's going to be very difficult," said James. "Even if we have space to put them to get those vehicles towed with only two tow truck drivers."

Metro Council approved an ordinance that would allow people to pick up their vehicles without being punished, but before that LMPD was questioned by the Public Safety Committee about tow truck driver recruitment.

LMPD officials said, “We discussed looking at their pay rate and raising the rates up to make the job more appealing."

James says competitiveness in the private sector has changed.

"It used to be, prior to the state legislator changing the pension plan to what it is now, that people would stay for a much lower pay because they would have a pension, but now that they don't have that pension, there's nothing for them to stay for and they go other places," said James, who says now it comes down to competitive pay.

"If you're going to be a tow truck driver for x amount of dollars you can go work at Amazon or UPS or someplace else for a lot more," he said.

At last check, there are no tow truck driver positions listed on LMPD's website, but there is a Tow-In Equipment Operator position that starts out at $21 an hour. The department notes that the time from application to hiring can range from two to four months.

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