LMPD launches investigation into traffic stop of Rev. Kevin Cosby

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- LMPD has opened an investigation into a traffic stop involving the president of Simmons College.

Some people are claiming racial profiling by the officer who stopped Rev. Kevin Cosby at 22nd Street and Muhammad Ali Boulevard on Sept. 15. Cosby is also the Pastor of St. Stephen Church in west Louisville.

Cosby can be heard in a video saying the officer took both he and his wife's IDs.

"For no reason at all, just stopped me," Cosby says after the officer took the IDs. 

When the officer came back, Cosby asked why they were stopped.

"Two reasons: One, you made an improper turn back there when you turned onto 22nd," the officer responded. "And then also, sir, the plastic rim around the license plate, it's illegal. You're not allowed to have that on there."

Cosby has not spoken publicly about the incident. 

LMPD Chief Steve Conrad said there will be an administrative review to determine whether policies and procedures were followed. Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer sent out a statement concerning the investigation Tuesday evening:

“I have spoken with Rev. Cosby and Chief Steve Conrad.  I appreciate that LMPD is planning to review the incident and identify opportunities to improve their practices and training.  As Mayor, I will continue to direct all Metro agencies, including LMPD, to look for ways to improve their operations and community relationships. It is important we understand this incident in a larger context: Our nation has a history of African Americans being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately.  Racial profiling is unacceptable, and this is an issue that we, as a city and a nation, need to look at honestly, speak about openly, and address head on.”

No citation was issued during the stop. The officer said he was letting them off with a warning.

The incident brought local pastors and community leaders back to the site of the traffic stop on Tuesday evening.

"Policing that feels to black Louisvillians like harassment must stop," said Rev. Joe Phelps of Empower West Louisville.

The group said they don't want officers fired, but they are calling for changes to policies.

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