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The new logo rolled out in Dec. 2019 will no longer be used. 

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Louisville City FC is scrapping its re-branding campaign, including a new club crest, and starting from scratch. 

In a statement released Thursday, club president Brad Estes said the rollout of the new branding failed fans. The club said it will stop production of merchandise immediately. 

"To be blunt, our recent brand rollout has failed you," Estes said addressing fans. "We had the best intentions, but we lost sight of our responsibility to engage you in the process. We make no excuses; we simply commit to making it right."

The team unveiled a new, more modern logo Monday. The crest has a different shape, and the gold accents are gone from the colors.

"I just thought it was terribly drab," Louisville City FC fan Cody Ruth said. 

The logo was was largely criticized by fans on social media after it was released. Many said it was too generic.

"Louisville City Football Club is a mouthful, and if you look at the previous logo, it has created some challenges in terms of production being so long," said Meagan Carner of Doe-Anderson, the advertising company responsible for the logo.

The club said it will now include supporter group leadership in the process of creating a new logo but did not provide a timetable on when something might be released. 

"I think it's absolutely iconic of the team to do something like this," Ruth said about including fans in the process. "This just proves they put the fans first."

Estes said there is no deadline on when the team plans to pick a new logo. 

Fans who bought merchandise in the last week can return it to the team store on Fourth Street for a full refund. 

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