LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Louisville City FC has a new look.

The team unveiled a new, more modern logo Monday. The crest has a different shape, and the gold accents are gone from the colors.

Team president Brad Estes said the biggest challenge of using the color gold was keeping it consistent across all merchandise.

"You always ended up with yellowish or brownish. Sometimes, it was the shiny Notre Dame gold. Sometimes, it was the Michigan gold. Sometimes, it was the Dwight Schrute mustard gold. So that was the biggest challenge," Estes said.

The logo uses the team's signature purple, but it also incorporates Oak Chair Black and Kentucky Limestone Grey as the official colors of the club. Fans will see the name of the team shortened on the logo to Lou City FC, which is the name used by local supporters and soccer fans around the country.

"I personally like it," Louisville City FC fan Sarah Bennett said. "However, I know some people will be a little disappointed the gold is gone. I think it's a nice clean look, and I really like the black, too."

"We're going to have to change some chants in the supporters section, for sure," Louisville City FC fan Cody Ruth added. 

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Reaction from fans on Twitter ranges from "I don't hate this" to "don't mess with success" and "we hate this."

"Louisville City Football Club is a mouthful, and if you look at the previous logo, it has created some challenges in terms of production being so long," said Meagan Carner of Doe-Anderson, the advertising company responsible for the new design. 

Some fans were not a fan of the abbreviated name reference on the crest saying "Who is this Lou you speak of."

"I don't like that they used the contracted Lou City," Ruth said. "It's not going to be apparent where we're coming from. I mean, Lou City, where is that?"

Lou City FC kicks off the start of next season in the new Lynn Family Stadium in April.

"We're right on schedule," Estes said. "We will be wrapping up (construction) in March for our first game in early April."

For information on Louisville City FC, visit the team's official website

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