Louisville native carries Lady Gaga in Super Bowl performance

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Louisville man took the stage Sunday night with superstar Lady Gaga and the world during the Super Bowl.

Graham Breitenstein has been a dancer with Lady Gaga for nearly six years including several music videos and three world tours.

Sunday night, his family gathered at his parent’s home in Louisville to cheer on the Male High School grad.

“What goes through my mind is he is living his dream and I am just so happy for him,” said Graham’s mom Judy, who said she rarely gets nervous for her son ... including Super Bowl night.

The Breitenstein’s learned their son landed the coveted Super Bowl position when he was home for Christmas, a trip Graham had to cut short to return to Los Angeles to begin rehearsals.

It’s rare a dancer is with an artist for so many projects and tours. Graham’s parents say it’s because of an understanding he has with the Gaga.

“I think he is very loyal. It’s a very hard life and he knows that he only has a certain amount of time he can do this,” Judy said, noting her son is older than most dancers who are touring with major artists.

Details prior to the performance were extremely limited, Graham not even telling his parents as to what role he would play in the show. 

“All we know is he had to have his haircut. That’s it”

Sunday night the Breitensteins cheered when their son appeared front and center carrying Lady Gaga through the hit song “Telephone” – Graham rarely more than a few feet from the superstar.

“I thought it was awesome! It loved it. It was great. Awesome job Graham! We love you!” applauded his family as the 13-minute performance ended.

Judy Breitenstein tells WDRB her son will now head back to New York City to continue teaching dance classes.

Despite having a resume most dancers could only dream of, Graham has other aspirations, eventually.

“His ultimate goal is to be an English Professor,” his mom said. “He has the determination to do whatever he sets out to do.”

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