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Shannon Gilday, 23 years old of Taylor Mill, KY.  Image courtesy Madison County, Kentucky Sheriff's Office.  Feb. 28, 2022.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- For more than a year and a half before Shannon Gilday was arrested for the murder of a former lawmaker’s daughter, he was the main suspect in a January 2020 burglary at the Kenton County Driver’s License Office.

His family told investigators he was likely responsible for the felony burglary, in which more than $13,000 worth of equipment and supplies was stolen.

And Gilday’s military records were found by railroad tracks in early 2021 with some of the stolen materials, according to a police report. 

But the security cameras in the office did not catch a clear image of his face. And the Kenton County Police Department wanted DNA and other lab evidence matching Gilday before making an arrest. 

Police were still waiting some lab results from the FBI lab in Quantico, Virginia, more than a year later when Kentucky State Police arrested Gilday after he allegedly forced his way inside the Richmond home of former state Rep. C. Wesley Morgan on Feb. 22, armed with a rifle.

The DNA results were received in July 2021, but the Kenton County police department would not discuss the results. 

Police said he fatally shot Jordan Morgan, 32, while she was in bed and confronted her father, exchanging gunfire.

During an interview with KSP, Gilday admitted the burglary at the driver’s license office, telling troopers he broke in with the use of a "cordless driver." He allegedly told investigators he intended to make false identification cards for use in obtaining Bitcoin.

Gilday was charged Friday with burglary and theft by unlawful taking in Kenton District Court. He has a court hearing scheduled for June. 

Gilday is charged with murder, burglary, criminal mischief assault and two counts of attempted murder. A judge has ordered that Gilday is to be held in jail without the option to post a bond.  

He has allegedly confessed to shooting his way into the home, armed with an AR-15, killing Jordan Morgan and shooting her father.

Detectives said Gilday told them he was trying to gain access to a bunker in the home.

Gilday's family has mentioned how distraught Gilday was over the chance of nuclear war and was obsessed with finding a bunker. He kept notes on the Morgan family and their home which has a bunker beneath it.

Court documents reveal that Gilday is accused of climbing scaffolding to enter the Morgan residence through a window on the second floor, exchanging gunfire and then escaping.

Gilday appeared in court March 2, entering a not guilty plea on six felony charges.

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Correction: This story originally erred in reporting how long DNA testing was pending in Gilday's burglary case. Police requested DNA testing in Feb. 2021 and it was completed in July. 

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