LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Louisville's Muth's Candies is stocking shelves despite supply chain issues nationwide.

The candy store is a family-owned business. Sarah Blazin marks the fourth generation to help run the shop.

"My mom always told me that the candy industry is recession proof because people always want comfort," Blazin said.

A comfort when life is sweet and comfort when life is hard.

"We've tried to stay on course," she said.

Last holiday season, the company kept its doors closed, only doing curbside business.

"Kind of every step of the way there's been an anxiety of, 'Well what if things change,'" Blazin said.

This season, she's hoping she's battled off supply chain issues that threatened so many Muth's favorites, even the chocolate.

"[We] can't go to Kroger and buy the chocolate off the shelf. It's not really what we're able to use. And so chocolate was kind of our very first big supply chain issue," she said.

This summer the store bought up chocolate wherever it could find it. As time went on, the effort trickled on to bags, boxes and bows.

"It's kind of just all over the board," Blazin said.

So Christmas came early, with packaging and supplies stacked all through the back of the store.

"I overbought for, I don't wanna say fear, but for planning for the next supply chain issue," he said.

The family line seemingly always figures out how to keep going. This year marks a century of carrying on the candy and confections.

"And last year our motto was we have to make it to 100, like we cannot fail before our 100th birthday because that would just be the absolute worst if that kind of falls on us. Our goal is to not ... we want to make another 100 years," she said.

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