LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Prospective firefighters took agility tests in Louisville on Tuesday morning to see if they had the physical prowess to take on the job.

First, candidates went through an orientation with retired Chief Rick Larkins to prepare. Then, the physical test began. Prospective recruits went through stations like the "stair stepper," carrying an additional 75 pounds or pulling a hose, both of which are activities a firefighter would be expected to do during a run.

Each person had 10 minutes to finish the test, which consists of eight stations.

"It's a really good equal-opportunity test for all firefighters across the state of Kentucky, Indiana and across the country, really," said Joshua Saulman, a recruit who passed the test. "It's a really good test. It will push you to your limit sometimes."

Candidates need to pass this test to be a career firefighter in Kentucky.

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