Psychologists suggest mothers take breaks by going on mom-cations

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Psychologists say mothers need to take a break by going on mom-cations.

Experts say motherhood comes with financial and time stresses.

So some mothers are taking mom-cations, which are vacations with other moms who understand the need for "me time."

According to experts, the mom-cations actually benefit the whole family.

"It's very important for kids to see that balance that ideally needs to be achieved in a family situation," said Dr. Nava Silton, a psychology professor.

"I came back and I was a better mom. A more patient mom. A better wife. You learn to appreciate what you have at home because you got that break from it all," said Judy Khosh, a mother of two.

For the best results, psychologists say moms should take off for at least two days.

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