RAW VIDEO | LMPD says Thanksgiving Day mass shooting at Shawnee Park was 'unrelated' to Juice Bowl

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Louisville Metro Police said at a press conference Friday that seven people - not six as was originally reported - were shot and two killed Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, at Shawnee Park during the annual Juice Bowl.

Lt. Emily McKinley told reporters that a "dispute occurred" in the park but was not related to the Juice Bowl. The injuries to the victims were not believed to be life-threatening.

McKinley said it started among a group of people who were already at the park, which was packed with people, as is typical for the Juice Bowl, a Thanksgiving football tradition at the park.

"It appears that there was a group of people that had gathered in the park -- to socialize in the park," McKinley said.

That's when, McKinley said, a "dispute" broke out -- and someone pulled a gun and started firing.

McKinley could not comment on whether there was more than one shooter or if there are any suspects.

She repeatedly denied the shootings - which have captured national attention - were related to the Juice Bowl.

"From what we saw, the people who were involved in the shooting were away from where the Juice Bowl was," McKinley said, adding that it was a "separate event, unrelated to the Juice Bowl."

Given that this is the second shooting at a large public event this year (the first being a shooting at this year's Pegasus Parade), McKinley was questioned on whether there would be additional security at Friday night's Light Up Louisville event.

"I can't answer that question," McKinley said. "That's not a question I would be able to answer."

McKinley was also questioned on the fact that Louisville Metro Police are working with federal agencies -- including the FBI -- on this case She said other authorities are participating but that it was "not uncommon."

"That's a normal thing," she said. "But yes, they were out there that day."

Lt. McKinley also commented on the Facebook Live video -- purportedly taken during the shootings by someone at the park -- that has now been widely shared on social media.

"Any video for any investigation is helpful,"  she said, before adding a moment later that one "difficult" aspect of the video was that it only acquaints the public with what happened through the perspective of the person taking the video.

"We need to test the integrity of any information we receive," she said.

While police have talked to some victims, McKinley declined to release any of that information. She said she hoped others would come forward and that any additional videos that may have been taken at the scene be shared with police before it's posted on social media.

"We would prefer that the video be brought to us first," she said.

McKinley would not release many details of what police believed happened.

"Our investigation is very active right now," she said. "It's ongoing."

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