Theatair X

CLARKSVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- The days could be numbered for Theatair X in Clarksville.

The adult theater is facing multiple zoning violations, and Clarksville Town Council members are threatening to close the business. The sign outside on U.S. 31 in Clarksville says "Spring fever is here," but the extra heat might be coming from lawmakers.

"I don't enjoy looking at it," said Tony Wimsatt, who lives in the nearby Kingsfield subdivision. "I hope they do close it down. I really do. Because I get tired of looking at it."

Wimsatt and other neighbors don't like having the adult theater so close to their homes.

"If you drive over to White Castle, you have to go by the thing," he said.

Over the years, there have been complaints, lawsuits and even police raids, but Theatair X has survived them all.

"It has been an ongoing problem in Clarksville for quite some time," said Clarksville Town Councilman Tim Hauber. "It's a tough nut to crack. It's a serious issue, and it's a serious charge, and it has been many years in the making."

Theatair X is in danger of losing its business license.

"The town of Clarksville is finally going to hold them accountable," Hauber said.

And in February, Jeffery Graham, Rebecca Stephens, Robert Stout and Nolson Hernandez were all arrested and accused of engaging in sex acts inside the business. The arrests, zoning issues and more will all be under discussion next Monday.

"They're going to sit before the town council," Hauber said. "We will hear the concerns and the charges brought against them."

Representatives from the business would not comment for this story, but attorneys did appeal the proposed license revocation.

"I don't have a desire to have all that porn in the neighborhood," Wimsatt said.

Wimsatt hopes it happens, but he said he has doubts.

"They've been fighting it for so long," he said.

The meeting is at 7 p.m. Monday, April 29, at the Clarksville Town Hall. The meeting is open to the public. After hearing from attorneys on both sides, town council members are expected to vote on the future of the adult business.

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