Scottsburg Walmart

Scottsburg Walmart

SCOTTSBURG, Ind. (WDRB) -- Police want you to know about a scam targeting Walmart shoppers.

Police in Scottsburg say they were notified by Walmart’s loss prevention department about a man using self-checkouts and gift cards to con customers.

“It was a male, he appeared to be of Asian descent,” Scottsburg Police Department Assistant Police Chief, Major David Hardin said.

They say the man takes Walmart gift cards to the self -checkout aisle.

He scans the cards, takes off without paying, and the next shopper in line gets tricked into buying the gift cards.

“You go to Walmart and you spend about $100 dollars, just about everybody does,” Hardin said. “You wouldn't pay attention to a $20 or $30 dollar charge.”

Police warn shoppers to play close attention to the itemized charges on their receipts, look out for your friends and family members, particularly the elderly.

“They get taken advantage of,” Hardin said. “Don't be afraid to look at it, look at the value of what you think you're purchasing and make sure that's correct.”

Hardin says Walmart first noticed the scam at the Walmart in Scottsburg, but it has been a problem at other Walmart locations across southern Indiana.

It’s the Scottsburg Walmart's close distance to I-65 that makes it a target for scammers, according to police.

“You can get right off the interstate, and they can do whatever scam they've got and get back on the interstate and be gone,” Hardin said.

Hardin says if this has happened to you or someone you know, call police immediately.

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