LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — I’d say that we’re moving into the fun portion of the college football season but what could be more fun than last weekend?

Louisville and Western Kentucky deliver as underdogs.

Kentucky delivers from a 13-point deficit.

Indiana delivers its knockout punch in the first 10 seconds.

I hope you had the Local Parlay.

Makes for a … well, fun edition of the Top 5/Bottom 5.

Top 5

1.. LSU (6-0) — If the season ended last weekend, the Tigers are your top seed for the national playoff no matter how fiercely Nick Saban glares at you. LSU has scored at least 42 against everybody — and everybody is a list that includes Texas and Florida.

LSU should be rolling off 8-0 and a bye week when the Tigers visit Bama Nov. 9. Be there.

 2. Ohio State (6-0) — Don’t forget about the Buckeyes because they were idle last week. People are still saying this is the most talented OSU team in years. After a Friday night trip to Northwestern, the Buckeyes welcome Wisconsin in the Horseshoe Oct. 27.

3. Alabama (6-0) — Jimbo Fisher and Texas A&M discovered how dyanmic the Crimson Tide attack was in College Station. Now Bama plays exhibition games at home against Tennessee and Arkansas (combined 4-8) before that home game with LSU. Did I say, " Be there?"

4. Wisconsin  — I don’t care if they’ve played the Detroit Tigers, Rick’s School of Astrology or Question Mark and the Mysterians, the Badgers have limited six teams to a total of 29 points with four shutouts. They’ll be back in this space next week with five shutouts because the Badgers play an offensively challenged Illinois team Saturday.

5. Scott Satterfield (4-2) — Don’t try to spin me. Before the season the wise guys and computer formulas predicted maybe four wins for this team — and you were having trouble confidently identifying two wins beyond Eastern and Western Kentucky. Now the models have upgraded to six wins — and you’re thinking Clemson (favored by 23) is the only game not in play over the second half of the season.

Prepare that ACC Coach of the Year campaign.

Bottom Five

5. South Carolina (3-3) — This is what good teams do when they win: They act as if they expected to win.

Not the Gamecocks. They went into Athens Saturday as a three-touchdown underdog and left Sanford Stadium on tilt by upsetting the Bulldogs in double overtime.

Then they swallowed a Stupid Pill. 

Multiple South Carolina players broke off branches from the famed hedges that surround the playing field, an act that enflamed the Georgia administration nearly as much as the defeat.

South Carolina athletic director Ray Tanner called with an apology Sunday morning. It should have never gotten to that point. South Carolina is coached by Will Muschamp, who played at Georgia.

That's correct: Will Muschamp played at Georgia.

Do better.

4. Rutgers (1-5) — I know that I try to have fun and get a bit silly with these five teams, but sometimes the obvious screams and refuses to be ignored.

The Scarlet Knights refuse to be ignored. It wasn’t that they lost to Indiana, 35-0. They actually played OK in the second and fourth quarters.

But one yard passing in 60 minutes? I’ve never seen that, even from teams that run the triple option. 

Get this: Rutgers still must play three Top 20 teams — Minnesota, Ohio State and Penn State.

3. Mark Dantonio (4-2) — Michigan State was  supposed to have the defense to play with anybody in the Big Ten. Ohio State and Wisconsin showed that defense was mostly a fraud. But the Spartans’ offense remains as advertised, stuck in 1968. Although Dantonio shook up his offensive staff after last season, Sparty still can’t score the way the good teams are scoring today.

When somebody asked Dantonio about it after the 38-0 loss at Wisconsin, the coach  went into Power Trip mode.

Bad move. 

The next round of stories they’ll be writing in East Lansing will be this round: Who’ll be the next Michigan State football coach?

He won’t be able to shut that down.

2. Georgia (5-1) — The Bulldogs lost to South Carolina (in Athens), which lost to North Carolina (in Charlotte), which lost to Appalachian State (in Chapel Hill). You can take it from there.

They say the Bulldogs can rally and make the national playoff. All they’d have to do is beat Florida in Jacksonville, Auburn at Auburn and either Alabama or LSU in the SEC championship game.

1. Rick Bozich (0-4) — Picked Louisville to lose and fail to cover. U of L won and covered.. Picked Kentucky to win and cover. No cover. Picked Indiana to win and fail to cover. IU covered. Picked Western Kentucky to lose and fail to cover. WKU won and covered.

They call that the Golden Sombrero -- and I'm wearing it this week.

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