Bob Valvano

Bob Valvano watches a University of Louisville men's basketball game from radio row. 

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — ESPN Louisville radio host Bob Valvano has been extraordinarily public about his recent health challenges, to the point of Tweeting and talking on his daily radio program, The V Show, about a recent PET scan and hoping “for a 16 seed” in test results he was to receive on Wednesday.

It turns out, the opponent will be a bit tougher. Valvano’s son, Nick, on Thursday said that his father has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, and will begin a weekly chemotherapy regimen immediately.

Valvano himself Tweeted Thursday, “Well I didn’t get a 16 seed, that’s for sure. Tough opponent, apparently, but we are going in with an aggressive game plan.”

Valvano is expected to be away from his regular radio duties for the next couple of weeks, and perhaps longer, depending on how he responds to the chemotherapy.

He appeared Wednesday night, after learning of his diagnosis, at an ESPN Louisville softball game and was upbeat with his fellow station employees.

”It’s a little sobering when you hear Stage 4,” Nick Valvano said. “Always a little nerve wracking. It’s in the bones, at least knocking on the door of the lymph nodes. . . . But we’re going to beat it.”

Valvano’s late brother, Jim, is the namesake of The V Foundation and Bob has been a tireless worker on its behalf, and on behalf of his local chapter, Kentuckians Friends of V. Funds raised are used to fight cancer through various outlets.

For those looking for a way to help, a donation to Kentuckians Friends of V is a good start.


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