Devin Askew bus

UK guard Devin Askew gets off the bus for the Wildcats' game at Auburn. 

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The University of Kentucky men's basketball team has been put on a 48-hour pause for COVID-19 issues, which includes the cancellation of Saturday's game against No. 5-ranked Texas in Rupp Arena.

A release from the program says the pause is "due to a combination of positive testing, contact tracing and subsequent quarantining of individuals within the program."

This is the first COVID-19 cancellation of the season for positive tests within the Kentucky program. Games against Detroit and South Carolina earlier in the season were scrapped because of tests within those programs.

Make-up dates for those games have not been determined. The Texas game is listed as a cancellation. No rescheduling is expected.

Calipari was asked on Jan. 19 how difficult it has been to balance the need for team activities with COVID safety protocols.

"Let me give you a couple of things I've done," he said. "Like, you guys know that we've gone a long time and haven't had any issues here, and I keep coming back to we're in a bubble here. The problem is we're in a bubble here. But that's why we're safe. But the other side of it is we're in a bubble. We rented out a movie theater. You and I know that's dangerous. It's dangerous. Having them come to my house. I didn't have staff or managers come. We've done it three or four times. Guess what? If one of our guys gets it, we're going to end up having to shut down because we're doing stuff to bring them together. We've had some meals out. And again, trying to be at a social distance, but you're eating meals, no mask. You're in a room by yourselves. But again, it's all dangerous, but it got to a point where I said, 'Look, we've got to do this. This isn't just about playing basketball and not catching this virus; this has become bigger than that.' It's become how do we do this other stuff, be as safe as we can be – you're not going to be perfect – but it's as safe as you can be."

Kentucky's next scheduled game after that is listed for Tuesday at No. 12-ranked Missouri. No announcement has been made about that game.

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