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NEW ALBANY, In. (WDRB) -- It's a technology that finds inflammation and hot spots in the body.

WDRB’s Keith Kaiser learns about the benefits of Thermography.

Thermography is a radiation-free and touch less imaging screening.

This screening is commonly referred to as a “green screening.”

It is completely non-invasive, pain-free, radiation-free and is safe and effective for women with implants or dense breast tissue. 

Although it has become popular with women as a breast health screening, it is effective for both men and women.

A highly sensitive infrared camera detects dysfunction and inflammation in the body.

It can help determine the pain source, vascular issues, the condition of the lymph system, injuries and joint problems, and dysfunction of various organs including the thyroid, heart, liver and colon to name a few. 

Total Body Thermography & Wellness is offering screenings on Thursday, September 10th in New Albany, Indiana. 

Total Body Thermography and Wellness works with a team of medical doctors that reads and interprets the images.

Reports are generally returned within 2-3 business days.

Screenings available include:

Breast Health Assessment ($195)

Half Body Assessment ($295)

Full Body Assessment ($395)

Call Total Body Thermography and Wellness at 812-351-1336 to set up an appointment or click here to get connected to Thermography Screenings in New Albany.

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