PROSPECT, Ky. (WDRB) — Decompress and socialize all in one place.

WDRB’s Keith Kaiser explores Recover Well at Norton Commons.

Recover Well is Louisville’s first Social Wellness Studio.

Local fitness entrepreneurs bring cryotherapy and infrared sauna pods to Norton Commons.

The concept for Recover Well began when local business owners and fitness experts, Cassie Fertig and Jessica Yared, teamed up with Nicole Hennessey to create a way for people to feel better and connect.

Recovery is not only for athletes.

Everyone can take a break from stress on the mind and body.

And why not do it together.

Whole body cryotherapy (subjecting the body to sub-zero temperatures to promote recovery, performance, wellness, beauty, and weight loss) and infrared saunas (promoting natural healing by causing the body to produce a detoxifying sweat) are not new to Louisville.

But experiencing it with a partner or group is new.

Introducing the Social Wellness Studio.

Couples, networking groups and community events have a place to decompress. 

The space is inviting, and you are encouraged to stick around after a session.

They want you to feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Click here to get connected to Recover Well.


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