Old Fashioned Bourbon

The Bourbon Old Fashioned ranked first in seven states and Washington D.C. (iStock)

(FOX NEWS) -- America appears to be shaken — and a little stirred — during coronavirus shelter-in-place mandates.

According to a report on Fox News, Google has recently shared data concerning the top cocktail searches for each state over the past 30 days, and it reveals that we aren’t all that exciting when it comes to mixed drinks.

The bourbon Old Fashioned ranked first in seven states — Massachusetts, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Oregon, Virginia and Washington State — plus Washington D.C., making it the most popular recipe. This classic cocktail was followed closely by the easy vodka-based Kamikaze, which was a fan-favorite in five states: Idaho, Iowa, Maryland, North Dakota and West Virginia.

Third place was a three-way tie with each, fittingly, taking three states: the sugary Cosmopolitan won over Michigan, Rhode Island and Vermont; the two-ingredient Screwdriver was the most searched in Delaware, Kansas and South Dakota; and rounding out third is the Manhattan, which took Illinois, New Jersey, and the state for which it was named — New York.

Other states, like Florida with its Cuba Libre, and Indiana with its French 75, were decidedly more original. But none were so unique as perhaps Minnesota, whose most popular recipe search was the “Oliveto” — an olive oil, lemon juice, gin and emulsified egg white concoction, sweetened with orange liqueur, vanilla extract and simple syrup, according to one recipe.

Check below for the full list and see what your state is drinking.

  • Alabama: Hurricane
  • Alaska: Whiskey Sour
  • Arizona: Paloma
  • Arkansas: Frozen Daiquiri
  • California: Paloma
  • Colorado: Hurricane
  • Connecticut: Margarita
  • Delaware: Screwdriver
  • Washington, DC: Old Fashioned
  • Florida: Cuba Libre
  • Georgia: Sazerac
  • Hawaii: Lemon Drop Martini
  • Idaho: Kamikaze
  • Illinois: Manhattan
  • Indiana: French 75
  • Iowa: Kamikaze
  • Kansas: Screwdriver
  • Kentucky: Lily
  • Louisiana: Bushwacker
  • Maine: Margarita
  • Maryland: Kamikaze
  • Massachusetts: Old Fashioned
  • Michigan: Cosmo
  • Minnesota: Oliveto
  • Mississippi: Painkiller
  • Missouri: Gin and Tonic
  • Montana: Blue Hawaiian
  • Nebraska: Old Fashioned
  • Nevada: Grasshopper
  • New Hampshire: Old Fashioned
  • New Jersey: Manhattan
  • New Mexico: Old Fashioned
  • New York: Manhattan
  • North Carolina: Bushwacker
  • North Dakota: Kamikaze
  • Ohio: Boulevardier
  • Oklahoma: Black Russian
  • Oregon: Old Fashioned
  • Pennsylvania: Whiskey Sour
  • Rhode Island: Cosmo
  • South Carolina: Tequila Sunrise
  • South Dakota: Screwdriver
  • Tennessee: Buschwacker
  • Texas: Paloma
  • Utah: Cape Cod
  • Vermont: Cosmopolitan
  • Virginia: Old Fashioned
  • Washington: Old Fashioned
  • West Virginia: Kamikaze
  • Wisconsin: Grasshopper
  • Wyoming: White Russian

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