White Castle Stuffing

Apparently, it's the "best" recipe for stuffing. (White Castle)

(FOX NEWS) -- White Castle wants you to slide into this stuffing -- ideally mouth first.

Though White Castle's Slider Stuffing is not new -- the fast-food chain first launched its tiny hamburger-based Thanksgiving side 29 years ago -- the brand is gently reminding fans of its existence as both the holidays and National Stuffing Day begin to creep up. The latter, as everyone knows, is Nov. 21 -- a Saturday, this year.

However, for those who haven't been counting down all year for the stuffing-themed day, White Castle is offering its recipe, which it updated with a vegetarian version using its Impossible sliders last year.

The six-ingredient stuffing (seven if doing the veggie version) is about as easy to make as you would think deconstructing mini burgers -- no pickles! -- and then tossing them with celery, seasoning and chicken broth would be. So, very easy.

After mixing, the final step in the three-step process involves baking in a casserole dish at 350 degrees for 35 minutes.

Since the CDC has strongly urged Americans to stay put this holiday season and not entertain friends and family, this might be the year to try the inventive twist on the classic bready-side dish without judgment. Though, according to Twitter, the White Castle stuffing is the "only stuffing" that matters.

The official turkey stuffing and vegetarian version are available on White Castle's website. Or you can just follow along with Grammy Award-winning rapper and now chef Coolio, who offers his method and commentary on the dish.

If you feel like fully committing to the stuffing feast and don't mind mixing brands, classic stuffing brand Stove Top has released a "Stuffy Thanksgiving" line of dressed-up fashions, all themed around the food.

Or you can just really double down on the Crave Nation and try out White Castle's repertoire of slider-based recipes. The slider truly is your proverbial oyster.

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