LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Officers with the Louisville Metro Police Department recently came to the rescue of some fine feathered friends.

According to a Facebook post by the agency, a woman saw some ducklings fall into a storm drain near Norton Brownsboro Hospital.

Police say the mother duck was nearby, but was unable to get the ducklings out -- so officers with LMPD's 8th division sprung into action, climbing down into the storm drain and pulling them out.

LMPD celebrated the rescue in a Facebook post:

"8th division officers Larry Waford, Anthony Altes and Sean Drees responded to Norton Brownsboro Hospital when a woman saw a duck’s babies fall into a storm drain and get stuck inside it. The momma couldn’t get them out so our officers jumped into action, climbed down, and rescued the babies. #LMPD #8thDivProbs #DuckTales #Quacktastic #SewerDiving #DuckDiving #WhatDoYouCallADuckThatSteals #ARobberDucky #WhatTimeDoesADuckWakeUp #AtTheQuackOfDawn #LastOne #WhatDidDetectiveDuckSayToHisPartner #LetsQuackThisCase"

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