LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – Kenneth Walker, the man who was with Breonna Taylor when Louisville police shot and killed her in her home, has settled a lawsuit against the city and several police officers for $2 million, according to sources with knowledge of the agreement.

Both sides were in mediation on Monday, according to court records.

Former Officer John Mattingly, who was named in the suit, confirmed the case was settled for $2 million. He declined to comment further.

Walker, who shot Mattingly during the March 13, 2020 police raid, sued the state and city governments and multiple current or former Louisville Metro Police Department officers, as well as former LMPD Chief Steve Conrad.

Walker was initially charged with attempted murder, but the case was dismissed.

City officials did not immediately respond to messages seeking comment. An attorney for Walker, Steve Romines, declined to comment.

Police "threatened Kenny’s life, illegally detained Kenny, interrogated him under false pretenses, ignored his account as corroborated by neighbors, and arrested and jailed Kenny," the lawsuit claims.

Among other claims, the lawsuit accuses police and other authorities of making a false arrest; "malicious prosecution"; and negligence.

Walker was dating Taylor and was with her after midnight on March 13, 2020, when police raided her apartment on Springfield Drive near Pleasure Ridge Park. Walker, a licensed gun owner, told police he fired one shot when he believed intruders had burst into the home.

He struck former Officer Mattingly once in the leg.

Police were looking for money or drugs involving Jamarcus Glover, who was at the center of a narcotics probe by Louisville police. The warrant for Taylor's home was executed around the same time that police served other warrants on suspected drug houses in the city's west end — some 10 miles away.

LMPD has claimed that while Jaynes obtained a "no-knock" warrant, police repeatedly knocked on Taylor's door and announced themselves before knocking it in.

Walker has said he never heard police announce themselves and believed the couple was being robbed. He fired a shot, hitting former officer Jonathan Mattingly in the leg.

Police responded with 32 shots, hitting Taylor six times. The 26-year-old died at the scene.

No drugs were found in her home.

The lawsuit alleged that police included "materially false, incorrect, inaccurate, and stale information supported by boilerplate text" in the search warrant affidavit.

In August, the U.S. Department of Justice charged four former Louisville police officers with federal crimes in connection with the raid of Taylor’s home.

Joshua Jaynes, Kyle Meany and Brett Hankison face charges that include civil rights offenses, unlawful conspiracies, unconstitutional use of force and obstruction.

Another former officer, Kelly Goodlett, has already pleaded guilty to conspiracy for knowingly including false information in the search warrant affidavit used to raid Taylor’s home and then conspiring with Janes to cover it up.

Goodlett is expected to work with prosecutors and possibly testify against other officers. She will not be sentenced until the trials of the other three officers have concluded.

Romines wrote in the suit that Walker and Taylor were in bed watching a movie and Breonna fell asleep when he heard a "loud boom" at the door.

The lawsuit claims the couple repeatedly asked who was at the door and received no answer. Police have said they announced their presence. The officers were not wearing body cameras.

When the door flew open, "Kenny immediately reacted by firing a single shot to scare away the intruder or intruders," the suit says.

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