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Tashunka Campbell, left, sits with attorney John Olash during a July 1, 2019, hearing in Jefferson Circuit Court.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – A teen who was caught with a loaded gun near Valley High School had his bond reduced to $30,000 in one of his criminal cases during a court hearing Monday.

Tashunka Campbell, 18, had been held on a $50,000 bond on charges of first-degree wanton endangerment, second-degree terroristic threatening and menacing, but his attorney, John Olash, asked for his bond to be cut to $15,000. Campbell faces a separate charge of carrying a concealed firearm in a case in district court.

While Campbell doesn’t have a criminal record, Jefferson Circuit Judge Angela McCormick Bisig cited his alleged conduct in her decision to lower Campbell’s bond, but not to $15,000.

In the days before Valley’s then-school resource officer found a loaded revolver and 50 rounds of ammunition on Campbell near the school on April 16, a teacher allegedly saw him watching a “machine gun video” on his cell phone. Police say when she told him that was inappropriate, Campbell told the teacher that she should be worried more about the gun he had in his backpack. No firearm was found that day.

“Watching that kind of violent thing at school and making a flippant comment about a weapon to his teacher and then being found while he’s on suspension at least raises some concern for the safety of children in that school,” Bisig said.

Olash, in arguing for a $15,000 bond, said police had confiscated all the firearms at Campbell’s home during their investigation. He called the $50,000 bond “excessive” based on the charges against him, the most severe of which are class D felonies.

“If the guns aren’t in his house, I think that gives the court some assurance that he’s not going to pose a threat to the community,” Olash said, adding that Campbell planned to live with his parents and find a job if released.

But Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Michelle Fox argued against reducing Campbell’s bond and called his alleged behavior “concerning,” particularly since he picked up the terroristic threatening charge because he insinuated he had a gun on school grounds.

“The commonwealth is concerned that releasing him to live at the home where the firearms were recovered, and officers have advised me that they’re not confident that they have recovered all of the firearms that may have been in his possession at one time,” she said, adding that prosecutors fear he could be a flight risk.

Police recovered an AK-47 rifle and two fully loaded magazines from his home, according to previous testimony from LMPD Officer Tony Sacra, Valley's former School Resource Officer.

Campbell is also under indictment in Bullitt County for making a fraudulent firearm transaction.

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