Theatair X appeals license revocation

Theatair X

CLARKSVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- The sign outside of Theatair X in Clarksville reads "Still Open."

The business remains up and running after the city revoked its owner's business license for zoning violations. Attorneys for Theatair X filed an appeal in Clark Circuit Court on Monday, triggering the issuance of a provisional license that will keep the business open while the case is pending in the courts.

David Mosley, who represents the owners of the adult theater, said the appeal argues that the business was not directly notified of revised zoning ordinances made by the town after a failed attempt at citing the theater for violations in 2014.

"The town notified the landlord, who has nothing to do with the business, of their expected actions," he said. "There's a procedural defect."

Town council members who raised the issue say the license revocation has nothing to do with the fact that it's an adult theater and that any other issue would face repercussions for these violations.

"It has nothing to do with morality," councilman John Gilkey said. "It has everything to do with zoning and zoning ordinances with the town of Clarksville. That's pretty straightforward."

While the matter is sorted out in court, Theatair X's doors will remain open.

"They know they're under the spotlight, and they try to be responsive to the town's legitimate concerns," Mosley said on behalf of Theatair X staff.

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