Belknap neighborhood residents concerned over sloppy installation of high-speed Google Fiber internet

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Google Fiber may have promised super-high-speed internet in Louisville, but expectations of the company have fallen short for some. Residents in the Belknap neighborhood are calling the installation work on some streets sloppy.

The cables have been placed in the road using a micro-trenching technique. 

“Out on the street, it's really neatly done," said Karla Spencer, Vice President of the Belknap Neighborhood Association. "They took the cable about six inches deep, and they covered it up with the asphalt. It's not come loose or anything at all."

But not all areas in the Belknap neighborhood have seen the same quality of work.

“When you're walking around the neighborhood, (the lines are) popping up out of the road all over the place,” said Larry Coomes, who lives in the neighborhood.

In some instances, the rubber patching covering the cable is gone. In other cases, the wires were fully exposed.

“People are tripping over it," Coomes said. "We had a neighbor who tripped over some of this rubber coming out of the road. You see cable coming up all over the place."

In a statement from Google, a spokesperson said: 

"Google Fiber is aware of the situation and we're working closely with the City of Louisville to resolve it as quickly as possible."

Google said there have been no service disruptions due to the issue. However, neighbors with the super-fast speed internet are concerned with the sloppy installation.

“I'm really surprised by some of the pictures I've seen of the cable coming out of the ground and that should not happen,” Spencer said. “I hope Google will come back and back up their promise to do a good job in our neighborhood."

A Google representative and engineer will be at the Belknap Neighborhood Association meeting to address any concerns. The meeting will be held at 7 p.m. Wednesday, March 14 at the Highlands Kroger Community Room on the second floor.

If residents see something that they're concerned about, they can reach out to the Google construction hotline at (877) 454-6959.

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