YMCA: New Kentucky sales taxes will hit membership fees

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- YMCA members will have to pay Kentucky's 6 percent sales tax on their monthly membership fees beginning July 1, according to a spokeswoman for the Greater Louisville YMCA.

Kentucky lawmakers voted in April to extend the state's sales tax to more than a dozen services -- from veterinary care to auto repairs to fitness centers and weight-loss programs.

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But as of late last month, state officials still had not determined whether nonprofit organizations like the YMCA had to collect the sales tax on their memberships, or if the tax applied only to for-profit gyms like Planet Fitness. 

Gail Lyttle, a spokeswoman for the YMCA of Greater Louisville, confirmed that Y officials have been told they will have to implement the tax.

She said members have the option of pre-paying their dues before July 1 to avoid the 6 percent hike.

Glenn Waldrop, a spokesman for the Kentucky Department of Revenue, confirmed that the YMCA must collect the sales tax.

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