LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A week after strong storms hit Breckinridge County, school will reopen for students at Ben Johnson Elementary on Thursday.

Much of the damage to the school was to the roof, and there is water damage to parts of the building from the Jan. 12 storms that included three confirmed tornados in other Kentucky counties.

School staff has been working this week to plan for students to return, according to Breckinridge County assistant superintendent Jayme Knochel.

“It’s been nice to see everyone come together and work together to get us back into the school very quickly,” said Knochel.

There are still challenges ahead because of water damage to parts of the school. The gym is off limits because the floor will need to be repaired.

Knochel said inspectors have been through and said the building is safe for kids. “There were some things that are definitely going to have to be repaired, but again, we’re able to keep that gym area blocked off so that we can still have school,” she said.

She added, “There could be some minor changes that we have to make, but all of those will be communicated. That’s what the staff has been working on the past couple of days, how everything is going to go and how not to use that area of the building.”

District officials were determined to get students back in the classroom quickly. With Monday off for the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, students had one NTI day and two additional days off. The school is applying for emergency days for two of those missed. If approved, they won't have to make that time up.

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