LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The pup who won the hearts of so many has been recognized as a Compassion Ambassador. 

Ethan the dog was left for dead at the Kentucky Humane Society before making a full recovery and being adopted. His story went viral and earned him thousands of fans.

On Tuesday, nearly two months after Ethan was officially adopted, he was recognized as a Compassion Ambassador by the Kentucky Derby Festival and the Mayor's Give a Day campaign. Ethan was chosen as an ambassador after his story united people around a cause.

Jeff Callaway, Ethan's new owner, said he gets notes from people all over the world inspired by Ethan's story.

"Through his story and his recovery and his strength, they've now sent me notes saying they've been able to pick themselves up and put their lives back together," Callaway said. "And it's just an amazing testament to a little dog that was found out here in the parking lot that he is changing lives like that."

Ethan's KDF Bowtie

Pictured: the official Kentucky Derby Festival bowtie given to Ethan the Dog after he was named "Compassion Ambassador" in Louisville, Ky., on May 4, 2021. 

In addition to receiving a proclamation from the mayor's office, Ethan was presented with his very own official Kentucky Derby Festival bowtie.

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