Heart of Fire Church led by former Bullitt County lawmaker auctioning items

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Items will be auctioned this weekend at the church that was led by a Bullitt County lawmaker before he killed himself.

In a Facebook post, the Heart of Fire Church says it is auctioning antiques, appliances, furniture, Harley Davidson parts and commercial kitchen equipment. The auction is Sunday, May 20, at 2 p.m. at the church at 5101 Bardstown Road.

Jefferson County Circuit Judge Brian Edwards in February ordered that the church’s property be sold in a public auction to settle a debt of more than $2.4 million, records show. The possible settlement options include “voluntary repayment” of the debt by the church, according to the filing.

The post also says the church is relocating but doesn't say where the congregation will go. This comes about two months after WDRB reported the church was fighting foreclosure.

The church's former leader, Dan Johnson, committed suicide in December after denying accusations that he sexually assaulted a 17-year-old.

Johnson's widow, Rebecca Johnson, sent a text message to one of our reporters explaining the reasons behind the decision to sell. The unedited text message appears below:

In 2000 our church was arsoned. It was considered a" hate crime". In 2001We started the process of filing under the Law passed by Pres Bill Clinton to restore arsoned churches. We received our first correspondence on Sept 5, 2001 from Hudd. Then while working in NYC for a Unity Event all Faiths Races to happen on 9-22-01 at the Gardens WTC was hit. My husband asked to open morgue, the rest is history. Our church took up the restoration project in 2003 after Dan was treated and documented for injuries relating to WTC volunteerism and service. We were initially supposed to get Grant as all other churches that filed did. They ran out of Grant money and said do it as a gaurnteed loan, Hud official in DC said we will get other funding. That never happened. This has been in court for years trying to get funds promised. Things were looking good till Dan died. They said he was dead on paper so none of the testimony counts from Dan or DC Hudd. So I ve signed with a Realtor and we're selling the property to pay the debt and relocate. We are still using church for weekly devices and will continue to until property sales. I preach weekly and pastor. We have an auction Sunday for items not needed in order to pay off part of construction loan  put on my home. I would hope I could get some positive press since my husband is dead and i'm in the situation I'm in. My family has worked/volunteered with my husband to help people in need for over thirty years. The media has destroyed our past along with my husband. Not really fair to me, my children and grandchildren. We are trying to go forward with the hand we've been unjustly dealt.

To see the full auction list form auctionsinkentucky.com, click here.

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