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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The Kentucky House and Senate both passed a bill that would lower motor vehicle taxes.

Kentucky saw a 40% increase on car taxes over last year. The tax rate remained the same as previous years, but escalating values for used vehicle caused the amount of taxes owed by some to go up, the state revenue department said.

The bill will allow taxpayers to pay the amount they paid for 2021 this year. And people who already overpaid will get refunds.

The price of used vehicles soared as new cars became more scarce because of supply chain shortages caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The legislation is a response to the fallout as lawmakers heard complaints from constituents.

“We’ve all received a lot of messages about this bill," said Republican Rep. Sal Santoro, the measure's lead sponsor. "So we’re going to try to fix this ... problem.”

The measure just needs the Gov. Andy Beshear's signature to become law.

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