Steven Jones

Steven Jones (Courtesy of Louisville Metro Department of Corrections)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Louisville man was arrested after police say he attempted to kidnap his estranged wife and drive her to another county.

Court documents say Steven Jones, 43, got into the backseat of the victim's vehicle while she was sitting in the passenger seat at a Louisville gas station on Jan. 2. It happened while another victim, the person she is currently dating, went inside to pay for gas.

Jones got into the vehicle behind the victim and put his arms around her neck while holding a gun, which he used to hit her head several times.

After the victim attempted to escape the vehicle, the other victim came out of the gas station and tried to help, but Jones was able to get into the driver's seat, firing several shots inside the vehicle during an altercation, causing damage to the vehicle's windows.

Jones then fled the scene in the victim's vehicle with her still inside, hitting the other victim in the process. He drove to Carroll County, where a witness began following him after seeing an altercation take place between Jones and the victim.

The witness followed until the victim's vehicle ran out of gas. At that point, the victim was able to escape and run to the witness, who drove her to a local hospital to be treated for multiple injuries, including cuts to her face and hands, knots on her forehead and scalp, a bloody nose and a busted lip. Court documents say Jones and the victim are husband and wife, but are separated.

Police were called, a report and photos were taken and a warrant was issued for Jones' arrest. He was taken into custody Saturday in Carroll County, according to an arrest report.

Jones is charged with wanton endangerment, kidnapping, criminal mischief and second degree assault. He's expected to appear in court Monday morning.

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