Mayor Fischer signs resolution

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Mayor Greg Fischer signed a resolution Thursday that asks U.S. Congress and other federal leaders to support House Resolution 40, which would study reparation proposals and offer direct payments to the Black Americans descended from slaves.

"Some of the debate is, 'How are we going to ever figure this out? What about this? What about that?' That's not what this resolution is about," Fischer said Thursday. "This resolution is about getting smart people to the table to address some of these very issues, to begin the discussion about righting historical wrongs."

Fischer said he is proud of Metro Council for passing the resolution in late September. Thirteen councilmembers voted "yes," eight voted "no" and four voted "present."

"It's not only about Black American descendants of slaves. It's about America," said Michael Meeks, Louisville's interim chief equity officer. "It's about America and Americans setting out to deliberately right a historic wrong."

Councilman Jecorey Arthur, D-4, was one of the resolution's sponsors. 

"This is long overdue," Arthur said. "And not only is it overdue, we have been skipped. We have been stepped on. We have been stepped around."

Arthur said his next step is to encourage other cities to pass similar resolutions.

"Once you have a bulk of American cities pushing on the federal government to say, 'This debt is owed. You need to pay. You need to do something about this,' I guarantee there will be movement with Congress itself," he said. "We're not paying anything from the city of Louisville. This is a resolution that's going to Washington D.C., and it's putting them on notice that you need to do something."

"This resolution is a show of support," Fischer added. "Hopefully, Congress can move on it."

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