LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Louisville shopper is sounding a warning about using one grocery delivery service during the coronavirus crisis.

Brad Wright paid $150 through Instacart for some essentials from Kroger like lunch meat, fruit, and veggies. But he says someone substituted all the things on his order for crab legs, steak and other expensive items, and that wasn't the end of it. The delivery never showed up at his house.

"The fact that it's going on doesn't surprise me, the fact that it can happen is more surprising to me. I was concerned that this was going to hurt other people," Wright said.

Wright posted about the ordeal on Facebook and said several replied saying similar incidents have happened to them. He suspects the delivery driver swapped the groceries and took off with the food.

"I don't know if they went home and had themselves a surf and turf party or if they sold it to somebody else. You know, I don't know. But obviously someone changed it all out," he said.

WDRB tried to get in touch with Kroger and Instacart to ask if this is a common issue, but we haven't heard back yet. The grocery chain is giving Wright a refund and a $30 gift card.

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