Testimony continues in trial of teen accused in stepbrother's murder

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Although we have yet to hear from 17-year-old Joshua Young during his murder trial, WDRB has obtained a letter that he sent to his family several months after the murder of his 14-year-old stepbrother, Terrence "Trey" Zwicker.

Zwicker's body was found outside Liberty High School in May of 2011. He had been beaten to death.  

The letter was given to WDRB's Tamara Evans by Rodney Gunter, the uncle of Joshua Young. He says Young sent it to him in August of 2011, when Young was being held at the Juvenile Detention Center. This was 3 months after Zwicker's murder.

In the letter, Young wrote: "I don't know where to start. I miss you and I didn't do this".

He later said his father had turned against him.

"They're setting me up. Dad, cousins Cassy and Josh, Mamaw Ruby. Dad's getting 'em all to go against me, and they know the truth; I didn't do it," Young wrote.

Young's father, Joshua Gouker, has admitted to killing Zwicker and has been sentenced to life in prison. Although on the witness stand, he testified he was the only one responsible, early on in the investigation he told authorities his son committed the crime.

"I have been lying this whole time, except since arraignment. Since arraignment court I have told you I have done it, I have admitted everything I have done," Joshua Gouker told the courtroom on Monday.

Prosecutors say Young helped his father kill Zwicker; Young's family tell WDRB that Young is innocent.

In the courtroom, we've heard Young's relatives, including Cassie Gouker and John Robertson, testify that Josh Young did indeed kill Zwicker.

"He asked him what time it was and then he hit him with a bat," John Robertson told the court.

In the letter that then 15-year-old Joshua Young sent his family, he says "They don't know that I'm only in here because of what my dad is saying."

Young even seemed optimistic in one part of the letter.

"I go to court in the middle of September, which is to decide if they send me to circuit court or keep me in the Juvenile. Either way they can't convict me, they have nothing on me. My lawyer said that if they keep it in juvenile that they'll probably have to drop it for lack of evidence," Young wrote.

On Wednesday in circuit court, the defense made a motion for a directed verdict, saying there wasn't enough evidence to move forward in the trial, but Judge Barry Willett denied that motion.

The defense was set to present its case Thursday, and it is possible the jury could get this case as early as Friday.


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