Now that Ohio River has receded, Highway 111 begins cracking near Horseshoe Southern Indiana

ELIZABETH, Ind. (WDRB) -- The Ohio River made its way into Horseshoe Southern Indiana last month, closing the hotel, casino and Highway 111 that leads everyone to it.

But now that the road has dried up, the pavement is sinking nearly six inches in some places.

Road crews are directing traffic around the cracks like at Two Mile Lane. But some of this erosion is happening in a matter of just a few hours, and crews are struggling to keep up. 

INDOT officials said the cracks weren't here when they surveyed the road earlier Monday morning. That's how fast they opened. 

Steve Corbin, who was driving by Monday morning, said the cracks look more like holes.

"I just think someone could hit it and lose control and maybe hit someone head-on," he said. "I think it's going to continue falling into the river."

INDOT officials said contractors are scheduled to do tests Tuesday night to determine which sites are most dangerous. They're monitoring five patches of road within seven miles of Horseshoe Southern Indiana.

They plan to start repairs the second week in April ... as long as the roads can withstand until then. 

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