LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- JoAnn McCalister took up running rather late in life.

Her late husband was a runner, and to show support, she'd always walk along the course while he ran. She eventually decided to take up running herself at the age of 52.

McCalister turned 80 this week. She has competed in many marathons over the years, and now, she's preparing for her fifth Boston Marathon on Monday. She's placed in the Boston Marathon and even won her age division in the past.

This year, her daughter, Cathy Kuhn, is also going to run with her. Mother and daughter have traveled the country running in various marathons and support each other.

"She's just really inspirational and has been a great motivator for me, too," Kuhn said. "It's really fun to just have the opportunity to share the experience together."

McCalister qualified for each of her first four Boston Marathons by competing in other races. But this year, she will be competing on a waiver, representing the running club, New England 65 plus (NE 65+). New England is in the title but they have members from all around the country.

McCalister hopes she will be able to place in her age group, inspiring more older runners to compete. She said the atmosphere at the Boston Marathon is "so challenging and so special," and the support from the crowd really helps motivate her cross the finish line.

"The last couple of miles, when I'm at the end, they are still out there cheering like I'm the first one and they're slapping your hands and they are just a wonderful group of cheerleaders," McCalister said.

"I'm just so incredibly proud. She's the most determined person that I know," Kuhn said. "She's out there every day — rain or shine — and it has mostly been rain and cold, and she has been out there trying to do her absolute best and make this running club proud, and make herself proud and make us proud."

McCalister said running and marathons are great exercise that gets you outside, and she enjoys the physical challenge.

The Boston Marathon is Monday, April 18, which is Patriot's Day in Massachusetts. To learn more, click here.

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