BEDFORD, Ky. (WDRB)-- It takes a one-of-a-kind mind to understand what it takes to run LG&E's Trimble County plant. Walk around the facility with Mitchell Welty, and you'll quickly learn he has it.

"The Gypsum that's removed from here goes over to a storage facility," he explained.

The planner knows everything there is to know about every machine, gauge, and pipe. And also, how to fix each one.

"I'm one of the guys they come looking for, and ask, 'Why?'" Welty said.

He's a modern day Bob Villa, even when he leaves his 9 to 5. Except Welty opted for the mustache, instead of a beard.

"When it's all the hair you've got, you've got to take care of what God gave you," he said with a smile.

It's just a hare of the personality, that comes out in his garage. It's a place he's dubbed "a museum of weird," that includes his creative creations on wheels.

"The more unusual it is, the more I'll enjoy doing it," Welty said.

We all had a Radio Flyer growing up. Mitch put his childhood memories on steroids. He's often seen driving a huge Radio Flyer car around Bedford.

"Kind of reminded me of my childhood," said a Carrollton resident. "I've still got a Radio Flyer."

"I was just thinking we were going to have a parade or something," added another man who saw the Radio Flyer drive by.

Welty's wagon even took the family on a road trip to the Smokies. No matter where he drives, people can't help but stop and stare.

"With the exception of my daughter," he said. "She's 10, so she gets a little embarrassed when I pick her up in it at school sometimes."

Mitch is always looking for that next new "embarrassing" thing. He found it not long ago, when he bought a big fiber glass cow.

"I had a power chair sitting around, so we cut up the power chair, and made a frame for it, put the cow on that, and now you can ride the cow," Welty explained.

You can also steer and milk it. Welty once filled the udders with bourbon.

He's 'moo-ving' on to greener pastures soon, with both a boat and an airplane meant for the road.

"It's a lot of fun to make people smile, and make people happy," he said.

Any time someone wants a ride in the gigantic Radio Flyer, he says "hop in." He's learned sometimes those rides mean a lot.

"COVID had hit them (a local family) pretty hard, and the father had lost his job, and they were just a little bit depressed I guess," he remembered.

The ride cheered them up. Then, last year, around Christmas time, Welty started "Fill the Wagon." People stuffed it with toys, toiletries, and money to donate.

"If you've got the ability to share stuff with people, you usually should if you can," said Welty.

They say a creative adult is the child who survived, and a young Mitchell Welty would be proud.

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