LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB NEWS) -- People living in a section of the Highlands are dealing with a deer problem.

People who live in the Upper Highlands are reporting seeing more deer than ever, and a state biologist said that's due in part to a lack of predators.

"Deer in North America have come to really thrive in urban settings. With the reduction in number of predators there's really no check on their numbers, their population," said Bryan Cobban, a private land biologist with the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources.

Cobban was invited by the Upper Highlands Neighborhood Association.

Honi Goldman, the association's president, said, "Even in the last two years we have seen maybe triple, quadruple the amount of deer that are here." 

Cobban specializes in the Louisville area and works with landowners to help manage the wildlife on their properties.

He said lack of hunting and predators have made the animals more audacious.

"They've lost their fear of humans," Cobban said.

Goldman said neighbors were hoping to learn how to deal with the deer, because the animals pose a safety risk on busy roads and can damage property and gardens.

"These are not just baby deer, these are deer with huge antlers," she said.

Neighbors also reported seeing carcasses along well traveled streets such as Newburg Road.

Cobban said fencing and harassment tactics can keep deer away. 

Cobban also said if all other options were exhausted, the community could look into a possible planned bow hunt. 

"There are several municipalities across the nation that have implemented urban bow hunting zones with some moderate success," Cobban said. 

If you need to report a deer carcass on the roadway, you can call Metro 311. 

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