LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Your Tuesday morning commute could be messy after snow started to pick up Monday evening and continued for much of the night. 

A lot of roads around Louisville were a slushy mess, but Metro Public Works has been working for the past 27 hours to keep them cleared.

To follow Louisville's snow route map, click here.

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Because so much salt and calcium chloride were put on roads Sunday night, crews spent a lot of Monday plowing.

Salvador Melendez with Louisville Metro Public Works said the department uses a method called  "tandem plowing," which he said consists of two plow trucks working together on high-priority routes. What the first truck misses, the second truck will get as it comes behind, clearing the adjacent lane.

Melendez said rural areas have been the trickiest. 

"In those areas, the challenging part is that the shoulder is hard to see and could lead to a very dangerous situation," he added. "Here, you are dealing with parts of the city; there may be vehicles parked, so you are dealing with that." 

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer said the city has 35,000 tons of salt ready to hit the roads, and they're working around the clock to help get people home safely.

"We will continue working the roads for as long as we need to," Fischer said.

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Melendez also asked commuters to be patient. As the snow team works to cover 13,500 miles of travel by Tuesday morning, they'll be going slowly to make sure they're doing so efficiently. Garbage collection may be delayed this week due to the effects of the storm, he added. 

Southern Indiana saw greater amounts of snow, with the majority of roads covered by 10 p.m. 

The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) said 140 trucks would be out on the roads clearing, plowing and trying to keep them as passable as possible, though crews were also dealing with visibility challenges in some areas.

"The northern part of the district has definitely seen more snow than some areas to the south," said Natalie Garrett a spokesperson with INDOT Southeast. "I believe some of the sleet is finally transitioning over into snow, so that could make things a little more challenging with visibility blowing snow, drifting snow, things like that."

Crews were expected to change shifts around midnight and planned to be stay out on the roads until at least noon on Tuesday. 

"They'll be working throughout the night non-stop. They're working 12-hour shifts," Garrett said. "There will be a shift change around midnight, so there will be fresh crews out. Right now, they're planning to stay on the road until around noon tomorrow. That may be extended depending upon conditions at that time.

INDOT hopes to have roads in better shape by rush hour on Tuesday.

As the winter storm subsides, here are some things to keep in mind when dealing with the aftermath. 

- When you shovel, be sure to dig out any fire hydrants so crews can get to them if needed. Also, be sure to clear out areas around any drains or gutters in the street. The snow can pile up there, and when it melts it can pool up and cause flooding issues. 

- Check to see if you can safely remove any snow or ice from your roof. Ice dams can cause major issues to gutters. 

- Be careful when walking your pets. The salt on the sidewalks and roads can cause their feet to crack and bleed, so wipe down their feet as soon as you get back inside.

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