Morgan Foley competing with the best

The Assumption High School grad enjoying life in a professional softball "bubble" near Chicago.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Morgan Foley said she had a goal of playing a sport professionally. At first it was dreams of basketball and the WNBA, in part, because she didn't even know there was professional softball. But there is, and Foley is now in her fifth year of getting paid to play. 

An Assumption High School grad and a four-time All-American pitcher at Division II power University of Indianapolis, Foley is playing in her most unusual season.

She is one of 56 players in a bubble — or shield as they're calling it in Rosemont, Illinois, outside Chicago. It features many national team players and a number of international stars, as well. The games are nationally televised every Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

The league spans six weeks and is run by Athletes Unlimited. The protocols for Foley are similar to those being followed in the NBA bubble. 

And the league has some motivational twists, such as bonus money for the players based on things like hits and outs and winning innings as well as games and a draft held every Tuesday to reshuffle the four teams. 

"It's exciting," Foley said. "I get nervous every draft. I don't know why. I know I'm going to get picked. What team will I be on? Who will I get to play with? What color am I going to wear? It's fun, though, because you're getting to meet 55 other great athletes."

When the six weeks are up in the shield, Foley will turn her attention to her upcoming wedding on Dec. 12 to Kaleb Ort, a pitcher in the New York Yankees farm system whom she met during a battle-of-the-sexes-type exhibition.

"He hates when I tell people this," Foley said. "He attempted to hit and he struck out off of me."

Certainly a memorable "How did you meet?" story. One to tell the grandkids.

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