(FOX NEWS) -- Two puppies in Florida were rescued by law enforcement and named after Hurricane Dorian, which swept dangerously close to the state's east coast as a Category 2 storm after wreaking havoc and destruction in the Bahamas earlier this week.

Fox News reports the first rescue happened when Fort Pierce Police Department officers Michael Jean and Martin Ortiz received a call from a resident who told them that she was unable to care for her 6-week-old puppy as she braced for the hurricane's arrival.

Jean took a liking to the brindle pit bull, which was too young to be left in a shelter cage until the storm passed, and knew he needed to find the animal a home.

Jean FaceTime'd his wife and family and "after a little nudging from some of the other officers," they decided to adopt the dog, naming it Dory after the storm, according to the police department's Facebook post.

Officers from the Orange County Sherrif's Department were on patrol Tuesday when Deputy Josh Tolliver found a dog inside a partially flooded abandoned vehicle. Immediately Tolliver fell in love with the puppy and named it Dorian.

"She was wet and scared but otherwise fine," the sheriff's office wrote in a Facebook post.

Although details including the second dog's breed and age were unknown, officers were trying to track down its owner, who may face charges for abandoning the pup depending on the circumstances.

Deputies planned to turn the puppy over to the Orange County Animal Services but Tolliver may not be ready to part ways with the animal just yet.

"The good news is if the owner doesn't come forward, the deputy will adopt Dorian," Sheriff John Mina said Wednesday at a news conference, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Animal Services gave a home to 31 pets throughout the storm, according to the government of Orange County.

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