Mascot Bowl Combine group shot

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Prospective professional football players test their speed and agility during the NFL Scouting Combine.

They go through a battery of challenges.

For the third year, WDRB's Keith Kaiser wanted to test the abilities of the WDRB in the Morning crew.

But this year, the humans had another challenge.

They wore costumes to even the playing field.

Candyce, Sterling, Mike, Jude and Keith test their speed and skill against some of the most animated athetes during the Mascot Bowl XII Combine.

Eric Hammer from PFR Performance keeps everyone honest and motivated.

Prospective athletes competed in the 20 yard dash, Pro Agility (20 yard Shuttle), Long Jump and Vertical Jump.

Keith Kaiser and Eric Crawford broke down the results of Mascot Bowl XII Combine.

And yes, some mascots outperformed some humans in particular events.

You can see local mascots in action this Friday morning, February 1st when WDRB in the Morning presents Mascot Bowl XII

Mascot Bowl XII Combine Results:

Vertical Jump

Dino Rider Riggs  22.8" 
Chicken Jockey Jude 17.2"
WDRB's Snow Fox 16.7"
Monkey Mike 15.9"
Sumo Keith 15.8"
Abducting Candyce 14.8"
Sweet Frog's FroYo 13.7"
Tapper 12.2"
Sudz 10.9"
Chili's Chili Pepper 9.3"

Long Jump

Dino Rider Riggs6'9" 
WDRB's Snow Fox5'10"
Sumo Keith 5'6"
Monkey Mike 5'3"
Chicken Jockey Jude 5'2"
Abducting Candyce 5'1"
Sweet Frog's FroYo 5'1"
Sudz 3'10"
Tapper 3'1"

Chili's Chili Pepper


Pro Agility (20 Yard Shuttle) 

WDRB's Snow Fox 5.11 
Dino Rider Riggs 5.12 
Sumo Keith 5.44 
Chicken Jockey Jude5.74 
Abducting Candyce 6.37 
Monkey Mike 6.4 
Sweet Frog's FroYo6.91 
Sudz 7.24 
Tapper 7.36 
Chili's Chili Pepper 9.38 

20 Yard Dash

Dino Rider Riggs 3.54 
WDRB's Snow Fox 3.56 
Monkey Mike 3.95 
Chicken Jockey Jude 3.99 
Sweet Frog's FroYo 4.07 
Sumo Keith 4.13 
Abducting Candyce 4.51 
Tapper 4.89 
Sudz 5.18 
Chili's Chili Pepper 8.51 

NFL Combine Comparisons:

40-yard dash

John Ross, WR, 2017

Time: 4.22 seconds (2.11 seconds 20-yard dash)

Vertical jump

Chris Conley, WR, 2015

Height: 45"

Broad Jump

Byron Jones, DB, 2015

Length: 12'3"

20-yard Shuttle (Pro Agility)

Jason Allen, CB, 2006 / Brandin Cooks, WR, 2014

Time: 3.81 seconds

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