Rebecca Johnson in court

Rebecca Johnson in court.

CRESTWOOD, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Kentucky woman convicted of killing two men in a DUI crash in 2006 and trafficking drugs will now face prison time for violating her probation in Oldham and Jefferson Counties.

Rebecca Johnson, 36, sat quietly in court Wednesday afternoon in the Oldham County Temporary Courthouse in Crestwood. She awaited the judge's decision whether to revoke her probation sentence with her fingers interlocked.

"We don't have much of a choice,” Oldham District Court Judge, Hon. Jerry Crosby, said. “Your probation shall be revoked and it will be revoked effective today."

Court documents show Johnson violated her probation by walking away from her substance abuse treatment and admitting to using someone else's urine for a drug screening.

In 2006, Johnson killed two people while driving under the influence. Wednesday’s revocation hearing comes after a month-long stall.

During the session Johnson's attorney, Rob Riley, was hoping for the best given her traumatic brain injury.

"She is incapable of staying on a task long," said Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Chris Florio, when he first treated her at Brighter Days Counseling in La Grange before it closed.

“Her emotional maturity and cognitive level are somewhere between the ages of 10 and 13,” said Brain Injury Case Manager, Bridgett Townsend, who has known Johnson since 2016 and has lived in the same neighborhood and helped her with mental health diagnostics.

During the court session, Riley argued that prison wouldn't be conducive to Johnson's "cognitive deficit" or "early onset dementia."

"I suspect everybody in this room knows what's going to happen to a mentally challenged 13-year-old child at KSIW or whatever facility the Commonwealth is going to stick women prisoners in this week," said Riley.

Judge Crosby said he would admit her to a nursing home, but given the circumstance and criminal offenses, prison is best.

Berry Baxter, the First Asst. Commonwealth's Attorney, says Johnson agreed to the conditions of her probation and understood the plea agreement.

"I think the testimony also demonstrated that she can follow the rules when she wants to follow the rules and I think that's a factor that weighed on the judges mind," said Baxter.

Johnson was sentenced to five years in prison in Oldham County and five years consecutively in Jefferson County on Monday.

"The potential sentence depends on corrections, at this point,” added Baxter.

Either way, Johnson will serve time at the Kentucky Correctional Institution for Women, located near Pewee Valley.