Investing your life savings during these extremely volatile times can be an uneasy proposition for those in or near retirement.  Sterling Riggs of WDRB in the Morning was joined this week by financial planning advisor Dustin Stanley of Strategic Wealth Designers to discuss if there are investment options out there that can beat your traditional savings account, money market or CD but still be safe.  “I had a client last week who had 2 million dollars in a savings account, each quarter they only earned $120 off of that, basically it’s just losing money safely because if you look at inflation going up at 2 to 3% a year, we need to at least outpace that just to keep up with the amount of money that we have today,” Stanley says.

There are several investing alternatives like stocks, ETF’s, annuities, or possibly mutual funds but all of the alternatives for your investment portfolio depend on your age Stanley says. “Depending on your time horizon, meaning how long before you’re going to need the money, you can go into the stock market as long as you are okay with volatility that you will see in the stock market.  If you stick with blue chip stocks like Amazon or UPS, companies that will likely be around for the next 20 years and have less volatility that is certainly an option of where you could put your investments.”

US Treasury Securities and Bonds are both pretty safe options to invest in depending on the company on the bond side but may be similar to the CD at the bank where your return is limited.  To learn more about business and financial investing strategy visit